Monthly Archives: December 2009

Social Media Creates Opportunity

Posted by: Lindsey Hardegree on Dec 22 2009 / Comments (0)

Recently one of my favorite internet marketers (Erin Blaskie) posed an interesting question: What does social media mean to you? My instant reaction was “opportunity.”  There are so many opportunities that I have found through social media!  I’ve had the opportunity to . . . connect with friends with whom I had lost touch. keep […]

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Social Media Sites Where You Need a Company Profile

Posted by: Lindsey Hardegree on Dec 11 2009 / Comments (0)

There are lots of different websites for you to connect with colleagues, clients, and other businesses.  But while you do have a profile page on Twitter, it’s not really a profile where people can get a good idea of what your business itself is about.  Check out these places where you can create a more […]

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Welcome to Tizzy Consulting!

Posted by: Lindsey Hardegree on Dec 8 2009 / Comments (4)

I’d like to welcome everyone to the new website!  This fun design is courtesy of the best WordPress designer around, Lisa Sabin-Wilson of E.Webscapes.  I’m still settling the dust a little bit around here, but I hope that you enjoy what you see and at least have your curiosity spiked enough to ask me some […]

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Unveiling the logo!

Posted by: Lindsey Hardegree on Dec 6 2009 / Comments (3)

I’d like to share with everyone the logo for Tizzy Consulting! What do you think?

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