Client: No Rules Theatre Company

“Lindsey’s extensive knowledge of social networking sites, e-marketing, blogging and web design has been a huge resource both personally and professionally. Lindsey has assisted me in creating websites, a presence on twitter and Facebook, and online ticketing and donation tools for numerous theatrical productions as well as a personal branding campaign. She is creative, helpful, fun to work with and always expanding her skills. Lindsey will be a great asset to any project!” ~ Anne S. Kohn, Producing Director

Client: E.Webscapes Design Studio

“I’m happy to say that I knew Lindsey before Tizzy Consulting was even a twinkle in her eye as she cut her Virtual Assistance teeth for me, and my company, at E.Webscapes Design Studio. As are most, I am a very busy business owner – my company is blessed with a healthy client base, a continuous string of steady work, and I also have a staff of about 8-10 others; sometimes things can get a little chaotic and disorganized for me. Lindsey is my calm center of the storm – she remains organized and focused on the work that needs to be done, even when I, sometimes, cannot be. Lindsey is logical, task-oriented, and very adept at problem solving using the latest technological solutions with a focus on efficiency and successful project management.

“Lindsey is also pretty innovative; often she brings solutions and tools to my attention that she feels might be of assistance to me and my company. It is with complete reluctance that I write a testimonial that reveals how effective and good Lindsey is at her job; not that I don’t want Tizzy Consulting to be a smashing success (I do!) – it’s just that I would like to keep her all to myself; she’s just that good at what she does! She has been working with me since 2006 and I fully depend on her level head, organization, and all around cheerful personality! My clients love her too – that is a great bonus!” ~ Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Owner and Creative Director