Social Media Creates Opportunity

Posted by: Lindsey Hardegree on Dec 22 2009 / Comments (0)

Recently one of my favorite internet marketers (Erin Blaskie) posed an interesting question: What does social media mean to you?

My instant reaction was “opportunity.”  There are so many opportunities that I have found through social media!  I’ve had the opportunity to . . .

  • connect with friends with whom I had lost touch.
  • keep current on my colleagues and network.
  • stay informed about trends in my field.
  • take advantage of great discounts from my favorite brands.

And today, I helped to launch an opportunity through social media.  The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA is hosting an a cappella YouTube competition – check it out:

This is a great opportunity for the theatre to reach a new audience by expanding their presence on YouTube, and it’s a PHENOMENAL opportunity for artists in the community to sing for a broader audience, especially if they become a semifinalist and can sing live on stage for a crowd of 800.  I love seeing how social media can create opportunities for people AND businesses!

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