Twitter for Non-Profits

Posted by: Lindsey Hardegree on Nov 17 2009 / Comments (0)

Twitter has absolutely exploded in the past year, creating a new outlet for businesses of all kinds to get the word our about their products and services.  But what is the best way that a non-profit organization can utilize this new platform?  Here are a few simple ways that Twitter can increase your exposure to potential customers and donors.

1) Discounts: By offering up discounts through the Twitter medium, you not only increase your exposure (because everyone likes to re-tweet good deals!) but you’ll increase your audience as well!  Send out a tweet with a special word or code to be mentioned at the box office for a ticket discount.

2) Event Tweeting: Get the word out about your events through Twitter.  It’s a free source for word-of-mouth marketing, and who knows how far the tweets will go!

3) Behind-the-Scenes: Everyone loves to know what’s going on behind-the-scenes, so why not make that knowledge accessible through Twitter?  Create an insider feeling with your followers by giving them access to the rehearsal process, TwitPics of costume designs, and a chance to converse with the actual production process.

As always, Twitter is a medium that thrives through a sense of community and participation, so you can’t send out all these great tweets without continuing the conversation.  Respond to your followers, and get to know them!  They can be your greatest free marketing asset if you take the time to get to know them.

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