What are people saying about YOU on Twitter?

Posted by: Lindsey Hardegree on Feb 5 2010 / Comments (2)

It is so exciting to watch your social media presence grow and see how people are talking about your organization through mediums such as Twitter. You’ve mastered the art of the retweet so that you can share these awesome comments as they come along, but it’s easy for these lovely thoughts to be lost in the cloud. How can you share these positive reviews and reactions on a more permanent level?

Online coach Laura Roeder recently discussed how to turn Twitter into a testimonial machine in three easy steps – check out the video now!  While her video is geared towards online entrepreneurs, these steps could easily be applied to a theatre getting reviews for shows, an art gallery after a fantastic new exhibit opening, or any number of other circumstances.  Don’t just throw away those raves as a one time Twitter mention – add them to your website so everyone can hear how awesome your organization is, whether they’re on Twitter or not!

UPDATE 2/10/10: Jeff Sarris was so inspired by Laura’s idea that he created a WordPress plugin!  Make sure that you check out Tweet-stimonials!

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  1. Laura Roeder

    09. Feb, 2010

    Thanks for posting about my video Lindsey! I bet you will also like my video on how to use social mention (http://www.lauraroeder.com/2009/10/how-to-track-your-online-reputation-with-socialmention-com/) it is another really cool tool for monitoring what’s being said about you on twitter.

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